Biolet Standard


The BioLet Standard is the original BioLet Composting Toilet introduced with our latest product line. While we have added automatic mixing to some models, the BioLet Standard has a conveniently located handle that is turned after each use. This easy maintenance insures accurate mixing of the compost and accelerates the microbes' activity. Equipped with a heating element, a fan and a thermostat, the BioLet Standard has all the basics for good composting. As is true of all BioLet models, the Standard is equipped with a compost cover that hides the material from view and opens automatically when sitting - another feature engineered exclusively by BioLet and with a seat height of only 19.5", the BioLet Standard is very comfortable to use and it has no awkward footstool to hamper children and the elderly. It's reliable and proven technology makes the BioLet Standard a good investment for both you and the environment.

BioLet Standard is an on-site, self contained, biological toilet, where human waste (feces, urine and toilet paper) are collected, excess liquid is evaporated and solid material is decomposed to a soil-like, hygienically safe product (humus) without producing an unpleasant odor.

BioLet Standard needs no water, nor chemicals, and there is no waste water discharge from the unit necessitating a connection to a sewer or septic tank. As with all BioLet's models, the BioLet Standard utilizes the natural processes of evaporation and aerobic decomposition and is designed to maintain a warm and humid environment inside the unit, encouraging biological degradation of the waste through the scavenging action of the aerobes.

Within a relatively short period of time, human waste and toilet paper are efficiently transformed into a small amount of fertile compost. The BioLet Standard reduces the volume of the waste entering the toilet by approximately 90%, leaving only 10% of an end-product, which can be recycled back to nature in a safe way, and without polluting the environment.

AIR FLOW   Air flow through typical BioLet Toilet

There is a constant flow of air in through the seats of our units and out through the vent pipe. This air flow serves 3 purposes:

Recirculate air through the system to provide additional oxygen to the aerobic bacteria to accelerate the decomposition process.
Assist in the evaporation of the excess liquids and expel them to the atmosphere through the vent pipe.
Draw odors from the unit and expel them to the atmosphere.


A. Ventilation outlet
B. Fan motor/fan blade
C. High temperature limit switch
D. Heating element
1. Phillips screws (top/lower unit)
2. Warm air channels
3. Compost chamber
4. Grate
5. Humus tray
6. Adjustable thermostat
7. Liquid level switch
8. Microswitch9. Mixer motor assembly
10. Shear Pin
11. Compost cover
12. Air return channel
13. Mixer arm
       a. leveling
       b. raking
       c. stationary
14. Front cover for humus tray
15. Fluid level indicator (emptying)
16. Fluid level indicator (humus tray)
17. Bottom heating element
18. Terminal block


The BioLet XL is easy to install!

Fasten the BioLet XL to the wall.

Make a hole in the ceiling and roof for the ventilation pipe.

Push the outer pipe into the roof flashing and seal it carefully.

Empty the bag of compost starter into the BioLet.

Plug into grounded outlet.

The BioLet XL is ready to be used.





  • 3 people - full-time use
  • 4 people part-time use

Electrical Specifications:

  • Total - 250 Watts
  • Average continuous consumption over 24 hr period - 55 Watts
  • Heater - 225 Watt
  • Fan motor - 25 Watts

Weight Limit: 350 lb

Required Room Temperature: 64F during periods while the toilet is in use.

Measurements and Weight:


Shipping Installed
Depth 30" 29"
Width 22.25" 21.5"
Height 27.25" 26"
Seat Height 19.5" 19.5"
Additional depth to remove tray --- 22"
Weight including vent kit and initial starter mulch 72 lb 61 lb

Material: Completely sealed casing of ABS - plastic. Mixing arms and other important metal components of stainless steel.

Warranty: Life-time limited warranty on body, Three year limited warranty on remaining parts.

BioLet Box Includes:
1 - Composting toilet
2 - Wall brackets
4 - Wood Screws
1 - Starter mulch
1 - Winterizing plug
1 - Emptying frame
1 - Manual mixing rake
5 - 2' sections 54mm white vent, belled 1 end
1 - 2' section 54mm white vent pipe, no bell
1 - 2' section 108mm black vent pipe, belled 1 end
1 - 2' section 108mm black vent pipe, no bell
4' - Styrofoam insulation
1 - 108mm X 54mm reducing coupling
1 - Roof flashing
1 - Instruction video
2 Spare shear pins


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Residential Cabin
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3 people 4 people
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2 people 3 people
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