How Composting Toilets Work

How it works
Material entering the toilet is usually about 90% water. The toilet evaporates most of the water and carries the vapors up through the vent chimney then odorlessly disperses them into the atmosphere. Minimal plumbing needed and no septic system or holding tank to pump out. Heat, oxygen and organic material break down the remaining waste.

The composting action is so effective that it will break down toilet paper within a matter of days. Freezing temperatures will not harm the composting unit, but for extended winter use a min. of about 60°F is needed to keep the compost active. The compost is not affected by long periods of non-use.

Our composting toilets can be used legally in all 50 U.S. states and Canada. Should your local public health officials have any questions, let us know. Thousands sold - proven in over 20 years of use. Every toilet backed by a three-year warranty and customer service hot line.