The main task is the installation of the vent stack, which is included with all units.

The vent kits included in the shipping carton are sufficient for installation in most single story buildings. If more is needed they are normally easy to find. All vent pipes are thinwall PVC.

The drawings illustrate some of the more common vent stack configurations for self-contained models and central system installations:

  • Electric units with 2" stacks should have the minimum number of bends, should use 45 o elbows where possible, and should not have bends totaling more than 360 os.
  • 3" SpaceSaver/Ecolet Mobile vents and especially 4" Non-Electric vent stacks should be installed as straight as possible. If 45 degree elbows are needed in a 4" vent stack then a 12 Volt fan should be included in the installation.
  • Merging a Sun-Mar vent with other existing vents risks interference and is not advised.
  • The diffuser included with all but mobile units is a simple but effective device originally patented by Sun-Mar principals to aid updraft, avoid winter freeze up, and protect the vent from downdraft and weather.
  • As shown in the drawing they should be installed 2-3 feet above the peak of the roof for best performance.
  • Vent joints within the bathroom should be siliconed, vent joints outside should be glued with CPVC glue.