There are two different categories of Sun-Mar systems to choose from,Self-Contained units and Central Composting Toilet Systems. All of our models, some 20 in number, fit into one or the other category. Within each category, we offer units for any power system; on-grid, off-grid, or no power at all.

Finding the toilet best suited to your needs is as easy as selecting the right category and then answering a few simple questions. Select the category below that best suits your needs. Do you want a flush toilet? Do you want to avoid putting in plumbing? Do you need a unit for four or more residential users? Choose your category based on these general preferences.

Click here for Self-Contained Units
  • Are waterless, and so require no plumbing for water connection or sewage. This means installation is very quick and easy.

  • Are more suited to winter operation because it is often easier to keep the bathroom warm.
  • Most (especially electric units) can evaporate all liquids, so approvals are not normally required.

  • Are available in different capacity units.

  • Maximum capacity is 3 adults residentially, 6 adults seasonally.


   Click here for Central Composting Toilet Systems

For Seasonal and Residential Use

  • Are ideal for those who want a regular looking toilet in the bathroom, or who want to connect more than one toilet to the composting unit.
  • Are normally placed under or outside the bathroom. Units are often installed up to 20 ft. away from the bathroom.
  • Are often unable to evaporate all flushing liquid (if any). This excess should be collected or drained to an approved facility.
  • Capacity is up to 9 adults Seasonally, 6 adults residentially.