Toilet Installation & Waste Piping Installation

Installing the "1 Pint" Low Flush Toilet

Space Required

The center of the 3" waste pipe needs to be more than 10"(26 cm) from the rear wall (if a Sealand is being installed) and 8" (20.5 cm) from the side.

The Sealand is mounted on a 4 bolt floor flange (not supplied). A 2 bolt floor flange can be converted to a 4 bolt by drilling two extra holes in the flange to line up with the toilet's mounting bolts.

A Universal Mounting Kit (available from Sun-Mar) can be used to adapt an existing 2 bolt floor flange to a 4 bolt installation. Complete toilet installation instructions are included with each toilet.

Installing the Waste Inlet Piping

Please see diagrams below for examples

When installing the waste piping from the toilet to the composting unit, the following considerations should be kept in mind:

i) The piping should be either 45 degrees or more to the vertical, and/or at a 2-3 degree angle (" to " drop per foot) so that the waste travels with the liquid. Piping should not be installed at between 4 and 45o, as the water will run ahead of the waste.

ii) Piping should not slope upwards at any point.

iii) Connections should be snug so that waste is not encouraged to "hang up" where pipe meets connector.

iv) If the horizontal travel is longer than 15 feet, a clear-out port (a Y fitting with screw on end cap) should be installed near to the toilet to provide easy access should it ever be required. Sun-Mar does not recommend an installation over 20 feet, as clogging will occur.

v) Use a soft sealant such as silicon for the connection of the waste piping to the composting unit so that the composting unit can be moved for servicing or other reasons should this ever be required.

vi) Insulate piping if unit is to be used during the winter. For heavy winter use, the composting unit will need to be kept warm by enclosing it, insulating the enclosure, and providing some heat source. The enclosure must not be airtight since the unit must be able to draw air in.

If you need to put the composter outside or underneath the cottage, and it is an electric model, ensure that the electricals at the base are protected from ground water, heavy weather, and/or snow melt. Many customers construct an enclosure for this purpose. Also, ensure that it can drain properly into your overflow facility. If the unit is installed below grade, a pump may be required to pump the overflow liquid back to the overflow facility.