Handling Excess Liquid

  • The electric EXCEL, COMPACT, and CENTREX A/F will evaporate all liquids, depending on use and climate (ie use over-capacity and extremely humid weather). However, other than the CENTREX A/F, where it is optional, all Central units and the SPACESAVER should have the overflow security drain connected.
  • Even though we expect the Excel, Compact, and Centrex AF to evaporate all liquids, we always recommend that the overflow drain be connected if the units are being used residentially, or the units will be seeing heavy use for a short period of time (ie party, large family visits). This drain should always be connected as a security measure.
  • A 10 Foot 1" drain hose and stainless steel hose clamp is supplied with all Central units, non-electric units, and the SPACESAVER. Collect and/or treat excess liquid in an approved facility such as a recycling bed, old septic system, holding tank or drain pit.
  • To make a recycling bed to evaporate and transpirate the liquid without touching the environment, simply dig a bed 18" deep, and line it with plastic sheet. Bed size - normally 3-25 square feet - varies with geographic area and season. Fill it with 6" of gravel then 12" of sand and plant with grass and shrubs. Click here for more information.
  • Drain pits for excess liquid should be installed in accordance with local regulations. In many areas, this is about 1 ft. deep and 2 ft. in diameter. Place sturdy cover (plastic, tin or wood) and a 6" mound of earth over the drain to prevent soil and surface water from settling into the gravel.