Excel Composting Toilet

Long considered the standard in composting toilet performance, the EXCEL is the preferred self-contained electric model for heavy or residential use. Composting speed and capacity on this unit is outstanding! The large Bio-drumTM engineered into the Excel gives it twice the capacity of the Compact.

The Excel has been successfully tested by the National Sanitation Foundation for six continuous months at its maximum residential capacity of four adults. Key criteria were that the unit operated odorlessly, and produced a clean dry compost. For weekend and vacation use the capacity is 6-8 people, and even these numbers can be doubled for short periods.

The 2" vent is attached at the top rear of the unit and can be installed invisibly by running it through the wall and up the outside wall. For comfort, the Excel has a detachable footrest which can be removed to pull out the finishing drawer.

Although the Excel can normally evaporate all liquids, a " emergency drain is fitted at the rear and this should be connected if the unit is to be used residentially or heavily, or if prolonged power outages are expected.


6 adults or families of 8 weekend/vacation use,

3 adults or families of 5 people residential/continuous use


Width: 22 " Width with handle: 26" Height: 32 "
Height Footrest to Seat: 18" Footrest Height: 11" Length: 33"

Rough-In Dimensions

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Length With Footrest: 42" Required Length to Pull Out Drawer: 51"













Other Specifications

Electrical: 115 Volts, 2.5 Amps (Max.), 30 Watt Fan, 250 Watt Heater (Approx Average Use 150 Watts) Vents: 2" Vent Pipe and Fittings (Supplied with Unit). Drains: " emergency safety drain (Optional hook-up).
Product Weight: 60 lbs. Shipping Weight: 100 lbs. Shipping Carton: Width 27", Height 35", Length 35"